An Easy to Use Cell Phone for Seniors

Technology in telecommunication is advancing at an incredible pace. Flip-up cell phones are a thing of the past, and even smart phones from two years ago are considered old models. Today, cell phones are used for calling, texting, accessing the internet, streaming live videos and movies, organizing life, taking pictures, and playing games. While these advances are essential for people with hectic schedules, members of a mobile workforce, and those who cannot survive an hour without checking their social media pages, they are also leaving people behind.

Simple Needs

Many people, especially seniors, have simple needs when it comes to keeping in touch. They want to be able to call friends and family members, text the grand-kids, and set a reminder for medications. They do not need a complicated phone that will do everything but the laundry. It is also too frustrating and complicated to use the latest versions of smart phones.

That is not to say senior citizens cannot figure out technology. There are millions of seniors who have embraced technology, are computer savvy, and earn money operating E commerce websites and writing blogs. Some have little interest in such things. Eyesight may be failing, memory may be slightly less sharp, and fingers may have be as nimble as they were in younger years.

The Solution

Cell phones for senior citizens, those who are blind, and people with limited dexterity are available at affordable pricing. These models have big numbers and buttons, easy to read full color screens, a talking keypad, and enhanced volume. Other features of the snapfon include a camera, eight speed dial buttons, four alarm modes, and an LED flashlight.

Talk and Text Plans

There are four basic plans from which to choose based on how often the phone is used. All are affordable and three texts equal one-minute of call time. The lowest plan includes sixty-minutes per month. The highest number of minutes in the options is four-thousand and four-hundred. The other plans fall somewhere in the middle.

No contracts are required for snapfon use and people can alter their plans to include more minutes if desired. A cell phone can add security and peace of mind for seniors and their family members.